Everything in its place — even your car!
It's as simple as: get a plan, have components installed, organize and enjoy.
Everything in its place — even your car!
Step 1: Get a plan
Call for a free estimate

Once you book an appointment, you have taken your first step in reclaiming your garage. Give us a call 613-287-2277 or email us and we will arrange a time to see your garage and "stuff".
Define your goals

I want my car in the garage. I need more storage. I want clean and organized - everything to have a home. Whatever your goals are, we can help. Our team of trained storage experts will listen as you share your vision of your dream garage. We will look at your stuff and your space. We will ask you questions or offer suggestions to help your vision become clearer.
Review plan

Based upon the vision you just defined we will create a plan that best suits your needs that maximizes your space.
Step 2: Installation of storage components
Prepare your space

We need you to do a little prep work before installation can begin. We need items off the walls and at least 4 feet clearance from the walls. This is a great time to go through stuff to see if anything can be purged, given away or recycled.
We install

Yes, we install. Our conscientious installers are here to make your experience a great one. They arrive on time, and take pride in their work.
Or you install

You want to install. No problem. Our products are great for the DIY'ers. We will gladly offer tips, hints and tricks on how to install any of our great products. Go over the tools you will need and how to start. We even offer a line of Bar kits for tools, shovels, bikes or skis that are great for the DIY'er.
Step 3: Become Organized

If you missed the opportunity to go through your stuff when you prepared your space, you now have a second chance to do it. Sort though, purge, recycle or give away anything you do not need to be keeping. This step itself goes a long way to creating an organized space.

Organize items into long- and short-term storage. Long-term items (or seasonal items) can be placed on shelves or placed on hooks close to the wall with short-term items (frequently used) can be layered in front of the long-term items. Easily switch items to the front or to the back when the seasons change.
Rearrange as needed

Versatility and flexibility is the key to a great storage system. As time moves along, your storage needs change. That is why it is great to have a system that can change with your needs. Each Monkey Bar and all hooks can easily be repositioned over and over again allowing your storage system to fit your needs today and tomorrow.